Continuing on the success of The Redzone Podcast, Eric Reddy has started an all new show with the help of an old friend of his, Hope Higgins. While speaking with countless professional athletes from around the country, one thing always seemed to come up in their conversations; politics. As a result, Eric decided to delve a little deeper into this discussion with a podcast focused specifically on the issues that we as people always gravitated to naturally. Thus, The Red State – Blue State Podcast was born. With the 2018 mid-term elections right around the corner, Donald Trump actually being elected President, and tensions flaring on both sides, there is no better place to hear these important conversations and discussions. Join Eric and Hope as they travel around the country speaking with candidates and organizations from both political aisles about the hot topics of today: gun control, immigration, healthcare, gender and race relations, and much more.


“While professional football remains Eric’s passion, the success of The Redzone Podcast has brought him into contact with a diverse number of individuals who were eager to share their stories and opinions. Regardless of age, gender or party affiliation, all spoke of their hopes and dreams for a country that offers so much in the way of opportunity and promise. The Red State-Blue State Podcast will provide a venue for experts and regular folk to discuss what’s in the news and what’s on their minds and Eric will be there to host, share and most importantly, to listen.


Hope Higgins was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in a mixed family, Hope is outspoken regarding topics of race, acceptance and tolerance. Hope became politically charged after the 2016 election and having a knack for radio, she joined The Red State – Blue State Podcast with Eric Reddy.

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